Custom Land Rover Safari Vehicles

Spacious, customized Land Rover Defenders are the only way to travel on safari.  These reliable, rugged safari vehicles are tough enough for river crossings, wild terrain, dirt roads, and anything that comes your way, but comfortable enough for full days of wildlife viewing!

Your customized safari vehicle: Land Rover Defenders

The Land Rover Defenders offer superior:

Wildlife Viewing: You came on safari to see loads of wildlife; custom designed Land Rovers offer:

  • Custom pop-up roofs that allow you to stand up and get 360º views
  • NO mileage restrictions—you’ll travel where the wildlife is, no matter what

Seating: The vehicle seating is designed to ensure each and every guest gets the best, most comfortable safari experience possible: 

  • There’s seating for up to 8 travelers, but on average, there are just 6 in a vehicle, so spread out!
  • Lowered seats make for better viewing
  • Everyone is guaranteed a window seat, every single day
Extra Features: You’ll spend a lot of time in your vehicle on safari and you'll want to be as comfortable as possible: 
  • All vehicles are outfitted with multiple US-style outlets for easy battery and device recharging
  • You'll be provided with complimentary snacks and bottled water all day long
  • Our custom-designed “snorkel” keeps the engine going even in water, so river crossings are worry-free
  • The pop-up roof offers protection from the sun, so you can focus on the wildlife, not your sunscreen
  • Keep your camera steady even on the roof with our stabilizing bean bags, provided in every vehicle

Read comments from our guests about the customized Land Rovers

We didn’t want to put our guests in just any safari vehicle, we wanted the ideal safari vehicle. That’s why we custom-designed Land Rovers that would be the best on the road. 

Learn more about what goes into transforming a Land Rover cab and chassis into a luxury safari vehicle.



Thomsonsafaris Safari Catalog 2017-2019