Thomson's Signature African Safari

from $7,490 adult

14 days

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Male Lion in Serengeti Tanzania Photo credit: Andy Biggs
Elephants in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania Photo credit: Randy Hanna

Trip Highlights

See more wildlife than you can imagine!
Enjoy the perfect balance of comfort and wilderness
Track wildlife on foot in a private nature refuge
Meet Maasai warriors
Sip a glass of wine under the African night sky

Areas Visited

Eastern Serengeti Nature Refuge
Serengeti National Park
Olduvai Gorge
Ngorongoro Highlands
Ngorongoro Crater
Tarangire National Park

Zebra in the Serengeti by Thomson Safaris
Full Itinerary

Days 1-2
Depart North America / Arrive Arusha, Tanzania

Arrive into Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO). Your guide will meet you at the airport and escort you to tonight’s lodge in Arusha. 

Overnight: Rivertrees Country Inn

Days 3-4
Eastern Serengeti Nature Refuge

Fly from Arusha to the eastern Serengeti ecosystem, a wildlife haven that also supports local schools and villages. Your Thomson guide will welcome you at the airstrip and take you to the first of several Nyumba Camps, exclusive to Thomson guests. Traverse remote landscapes on morning hikes, evening wildlife-viewing drives, and among Maasai friends.

Overnights: Eastern Serengeti Nyumba

Watch the VIDEO HIGHLIGHT to learn more about the Eastern Serengeti Nature Refuge.

Days 5-8
Serengeti National Park

Journey to Serengeti National Park. The Serengeti’s 6,000 square miles of diverse landscapes abound in wildlife. You’ll have four days to seek out the most elusive animals. Evenings are spent in your Nyumba camps, which rotate locations seasonally to offer optimum wildlife viewing.

Join an optional hot air balloon ride  to take in sweeping views of the Serengeti from above. (Advanced reservations and additional fees apply).

Overnights: Serengeti Nyumbas

Day 9
Ngorongoro Highlands

Next stop: Gibb’s Farm. A historic coffee estate and eco-lodge, Gibb’s Farm offers engaging activities including hikes led by a naturalist, tours of the organic gardens, and a visit with a local historian. In the evening, take a soothing outdoor shower and sip tea by the fireplace.

Indulge in spa services and various optional activities at Gibb's Farm (additional fees apply).

Overnight: Gibb’s Farm

Day 10
Ngorongoro Crater

Spend today exploring 10-mile wide, 2,000-foot deep Ngorongoro Crater, home to about 30,000 animals. During your picnic lunch here, you may have flamingos, hyena, zebra, and bull elephants snacking alongside you. Rarer sightings include lions, cheetah, and rhinos. Back at Gibb’s Farm, savor a farm-fresh meal prepared with produce straight from the garden.

Overnight: Gibb’s Farm

Days 11-12
Tarangire National Park

This morning, you depart for Tarangire National Park, home to some of the largest herds of elephant in East Africa. Over the next two days, you may see lions drink from a waterhole, giraffe snatch leaves from towering trees, reedbuck dash across grasslands, and more. Spend your evenings nestled between baobab trees under the stars in your Nyumba Camp.

Overnights: Tarangire Nyumba

Days 13-14
Tarangire National Park to Arusha / Return to North America

Drive to Arusha, where you’ll enjoy a farewell lunch at River House, a community-based nonprofit organization. After lunch, visit the adjoining arts center to see the craftsmanship of local disabled artisans, whose training is funded by River House. Relax in a day room before your flight home.

Day room: Mount Meru Hotel

Extend your discoveries with one of our optional trip extensions. Stroll the colorful streets on the island of Zanzibar … catch intimate glimpses of gorillas in the Virunga Mountains … search for wildlife across uncharted plains in Ruaha National Park … and more.

Additional Details:

Single Accommodations: Starting at $700

Optional Hot Air Balloon Excursion: $540

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Mount Meru Hotel

The Mount Meru Hotel has been a mainstay of Arusha accommodations since it opened in the 1960's, when Tanzania tourism was still in its infancy.  It was recently renovated top to bottom, and the finished product is even better than the original. With reliable modern conveniences, a variety of dining options, a beautiful pool, and a central location, it is one of the best places to start or end your safari or trek.

Eastern Serengeti Nyumba

Wake up with a hot shower in your ensuite bathroom, and marvel at sweeping views of the eastern Serengeti ecosystem’s remote savannah. After a day of adventure, you’ll appreciate the comforts of the camp. Enjoy a hearty dinner prepared fresh from local ingredients, and discuss the day’s excitement with your fellow travelers and attentive staff.

Tarangire Nyumba

An authentic experience awaits you at this private camp in Tarangire. Conveniences like solar lighting and ensuite bathrooms with hot showers add a comforting touch to this safari retreat. In the evenings, enjoy dinner prepared from local ingredients, and chat with friendly staff and fellow travelers as you watch the sun set behind towering baobab trees. 

Rivertrees Country Inn

Reminiscent of its legacy as a former German colonial farm and coffee estate, Rivertrees Country Inn blends simple elegance and modern convenience. Wake up in your farmhouse-style room to the sound of the rushing Usa River, and enjoy a hearty breakfast in an open-air, thatched-roof dining area. 

Gibb's Farm

Fresh food, fresh air, and fresh perspectives abound at Gibb’s Farm (2013 and 2014 Conde Nast Traveler Reader's Choice Award winner). At the end of full days of exploration, relax in your eco-friendly cottage, set amidst the farm’s lush gardens. You can even ask the attentive staff to provide insight into local culture and history. 

Serengeti Nyumbas

These semi-permanent, seasonal camps are strategically plotted across the Serengeti according to wildlife migration patterns. Each location offers comfort in the heart of the wilderness. With spacious tents, cozy bedding, and ensuite bathrooms, you’ll have to take a look outside to be reminded that you’re deep in the bush. And no need to worry—with eco-friendly features like solar lighting, your stay won't harm the landscape. 

Dates & Prices
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March 13 March 25 $7,690 Reserve Now

* Discount of $1000/couple or $500/adult available on scheduled safaris only. This discount is not combinable with any other offers and is subject to availability. Does not apply to affinity or Africa Through the Lens departures. Additional restrictions may apply.
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  • Internal Flight
  • Land Rover Route (Dec - Mar)
  • Land Rover Route (May - Nov)
  • Hotel: Rivertrees Country Inn
  • Camp: Eastern Serengeti Nyumba
  • Camp: Central Serengeti Nyumba
  • Camp: Northern Serengeti Nyumba
  • Camp: Southern Seregenti Nyumba
  • Hotel: Gibb’s Farm
  • Camp: Tarangire Nyumba
  • Hotel: Mount Meru Hotel