Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon in Serengeti National ParkPhoto credit: Ginny Van Dyke

Serengeti Balloon Safari - Up to 3 balloons, carrying 16 passengers each, fly over the Serengeti plains daily.

The balloon safari inflates in time for a sunrise lift off over the Serengeti

Inflating the balloon for lift-off!

Serengeti balloon pilot guiding the balloon over the plains

Pilot guiding the balloon across the Serengeti 

Balloon lifting off in the Serengeti - Thomson Safaris Tanzania

Balloon lifting off over the Serengeti plains.

View on the Serengeti balloon safari basket in the air

Close up view of passengers in the balloon basket

View of the full Serengeti Balloon in the air

View from the second balloon

Thomson Safaris guests celebrating their ride with a champagne toastPhoto credit: Evan Ruhwedel

Celebrate your balloon ride with a champagne toast!

Thomson Safaris guests enjoying a full bush breakfast after their ride

Thomson travelers enjoying a full English breakfast after their balloon flight