Thank you for sharing your love of Tanzania. I salute your attention to everything!

Private Safari Review

Chris S.

Short Family Safari

The safari was incredible once again. I have to compliment all of you in the office and all of the camp staff of the Ngorongoro and Southern Nyumbas for making this safari as memorable as the first. The measure of success is not only in the over 4000 photos plus video that I captured but also in the longing to return AGAIN!

This time I will not have to hunt for my next safari company as Thomson now has proven themselves to be Number 1! (Oh and did I mention Kileo, my guide, and I were working the itinerary for my next trip as I was finishing this one! Gotta love that!)

Just a few of the reasons Thomson Safaris is Number One:

1)   Excellent upfront organization, timeline and packing requirements, (no thinking required)

2)   Knowledgeable, friendly and most excellent guides (most excellent!)

3)   Beautiful and comfortably-appointed camps, (WOW!)

4)   Warm, wonderful, kind, thoughtful camp staff (I cried when I left both camps) and did I mention the chefs? (Oh my goodness - the food!)

5)   I felt personally safe and cared for from arrival to departure, and I was traveling on my own.

6)   I had my concerns about the vehicles but once we were out in the country my fears and concerns were laid to rest and I actually came to appreciate the top not being completely removable (great sun protection)

I am coming back later next year so I can hit the Northern Serengeti as well.

Thank you, Gabriela, for your work in getting the itinerary right.

Thank you, Paul, for making sure I was getting all of the details sorted out per the instruction packet.

Thank you, Kileo, for your friendship and all of the wonderful photos I managed to capture.

Thank you to the Ngorongoro and Southern Nyumba camp staff.

And thank you to Rick and Judi for sharing your love of Tanzania in such a manner that allows the tourist to have a carefree and relaxing adventure to remember for the rest of their lives! I salute your attention to everything! This time I have a journal to remember all it by.

One very happy camper!!



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