The itinerary was exactly right for us. We wouldn’t change a thing in retrospect.

Private Thomson Safari Review

Heather L.

Private Safari

The itinerary was perfect. We began our trip in the Eastern Serengeti, an amazing place to start the trip. The views of the open plains were stunning. It was great to be able to hike on these lands and enjoy the outdoor lunch. The staff here were very welcoming. And gourmet food! Then we traveled down through the Serengeti to the Crater and finally Tarangire. Tarangire was a wonderful destination. Again, incredible food and fantastic staff. 

The itinerary was exactly right for us. We started out connecting to the land and the people and then were in the thick of the wildlife and open spaces that are so well-protected. Then a short stay in the cold at Ngorongoro, relaxation at Gibbs Farm and finally a warm up, enjoying the final days in Tarangire. We wouldn’t change a thing in retrospect.

We feel so fortunate to have had Robert as our guide. He clearly communicated what was expected of us and what we could expect from him and the Thomson experience. He was true to every word and extremely reliable. We will forever be grateful to him. 

The Nyumbas really became our homes. We were so happy to be staying with these engaging staff members, amazing food and beautiful landscapes. We will miss Numba living!

Thank you Thomson Safaris!



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