There is a Peaceful Grandeur to the Plains of Africa

Private Family Safari Review

Julie G.

Short Family Safari

There is a peaceful grandeur to the plains of Africa, which impressed me possibly even more than I expected. Here are hundreds of thousands of animals, living together in relative harmony until one eats another, doing just what they want. I watched long lines of zebras today walking calmly across the miles because it was time to go get something to drink, saw all the animals walking or standing or sitting just as they pleased, and I realized that their freedom is truly a wonderful thing.

 We were deeply impressed by the several solitary elephants we saw, looming enormously over the other animals. We just saw so many things. Should be another day full of amazement. Now I'm trying to sleep, listening to the utter silence punctuated only by the sounds of the nocturnal wildlife of Africa.

 We stopped at a Masai village, 40 or 50 Masai wearing their beautiful colorful wraps.  They performed a song and dance of welcome with the astonishingly beautiful and moving African singing harmony, and a lot of jumping and dancing. Soon they drew several of us in to join the dance, and I found myself hand in hand with Masai ladies, wearing one of their large, flat, beaded collars, dancing and jumping and learning how to move my shoulders to make the collar bounce. It was just incredible, and so moving I felt a little weepy.



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