This trip can make anyone a better person!

Short Family Safari Review

Sree J.

Photography Safaris

This post was written by a 10 year old safari guest in June. Her parents had booked a Thomson safari 10 years ago, but decided to postpone when they found out they were expecting. They all traveled with us a decade later! Read along with her daily blog entries below and be sure to scroll down to the end to see her wonderful safari sketches.

Date: 6/12/15
Place: USA; Ready for Departure

I can't believe the day is finally here! My parents have been waiting for 10 years for this, and I've been waiting 4 years. 

Date: 6/13/15
Place: Arusha

We met with our guides - Charles, Mohammad, Ali, Mustapha and our mentor Emmanuel. We are going to Tarangire National Park in a Land Rover filled with talking, laughing and rule-reviewing.

We saw a lot of wildlife, including zebras, impala, ostriches, waterbuck and lots of elephants (the babies were so cute). We even saw a lion! I got used to the bumpy roads and started loving it! We were allowed to stand up on our seats and watch wildlife from above. We got to our camp and played soccer. The tents at camp were very well made. There was a bathroom with pump-flush toilets and hot showers where you ask the staff to fill them for you. There are actual twin beds inside the tents!!! There were also solar powered lights. 

Date: 6/14/15
Place: Tarangire

Today my friend spotted a lion! We sang songs. Elephants are commonplace around here. One even tried to scare us as she had a small baby. It sorta worked. We also saw a lot of Maasai giraffe. We played a little game of soccer when we came back, had a class on the main language Swahili, ate good food and cake and had a good night's sleep.

Date: 6/15/15
Place: Ngorongoro

Today we visited a school and learned how students take tests, their schedule and the school history. We then played soccer with the school kids. I was shy. We then left to have lunch at Gibbs Farm. At our Nyumba, we played soccer, Uno and Jenga. We ate a real African dinner that was very good.

Date: 6/16/15
Place: Ngorongoro

Today we drove to the crater floor. We saw zebras hugging, lots of lions, buffalo and 3 elephants! Wildebeest noises were really annoying. My mom thought she spotted a rhino but it was a warthog. We did see two black rhinos and a thousand flamingos. We had a picnic lunch and saw hippos in a pool.

Date: 6/17/15
Place: Way to Serengeti

Today we saw many (putting it lightly) zebras. We saw a leopard in a tree licking itself. 6 lions were on the road! Too much wildebeest (migration is happening!). We also saw a serval cat hunt.

Date: 6/18/15
Place: Serengeti

We are going to do storytelling today! We saw 30 lions including 3 cubs! CUBS!!! They even had spots on them. A little while later, we saw two cheetahs! They were just stickin' their heads out of the tall grass.

At night it was story telling time and I talked with Emmanuel. He told a Maasai story about a two-mouthed monster. I really liked it.

Date: 6/19/15
Place: Serengeti 

Today we did track identification with Emmanuel. We saw a bunch of hyena tracks, wildebeest, zebra, dik dik, gazelle, reedbuck and guinea fowl tracks. We saw the hippo pool with a hundred hippos. At night we had dinner and then I completed a beaded necklace.

Date: 6/20/15
Place: Arusha

Today we headed off to Arusha on a plane. Funny airport, Serengeti airport! Just toilets, a grass landing strip, and a place for you to stand and wait for the plane. Right before the plane lands the guides are supposed to chase off the animals from the landing strip so the plane can land. It looked so funny from afar. After a while the zebras were chasing the trucks instead of the trucks chasing the zebras.

Overall the trip was one of the best I ever had. When I grow older you can be sure I will go back. Everything was well planned and the accommodations were more than I expected of what camping could give me. Just observing the animal behavior was really interesting. I did not expect to see so, so, so many animals!!! Our trip to Tanzania with Thomson Safaris was perfect! The guides, the wildlife, our accommodations, and just the idea of being there was amazing.

Dear reader, this trip can change perspective and can make anyone a better person! Observing wildlife has changed me and I became more interested in field biology.

I was really, really sad to leave.




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