This vacation was beyond anything any of us could have expected

Classic Safari Review

Alex S.

Thomson's Classic African Safari

Everything was amazing. This vacation was beyond anything any of us could have expected. No pictures or words can describe any of the experiences we had.

The entire crew was amazing, especially our guides Mustafa and Samson. We cannot tell you how much fun we all had with them. There were 8 of us and by the end of our vacation, everyone thought we were a family because of how well we all got along.

The tents and the food were amazing. The entire scenery at Gibbs Farm was breathtaking. I thought everything was very well planned and nothing was missing. There is not one thing I can say was bad. Thank you for everything and if we ever go back to Tanzania (which is a definite chance) we will be returning with Thomson. Thank you again, everything was perfect from the animals, landscape, the food, the tents/rooms, the Tanzanian crew and guides, the Boston office and Thomson overall. Well done, everyone. 



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