Thomson offered excellent value for what we received.

Tanzania Trekking Safari Review

Skip and Vicki K.

Tanzania Wildlife Safari

An African safari has been on our bucket list since we retired several years ago. Tanzania won out due to the politically peacefully climate, the large amount of geographic area and the safari animals.

Thomson offers excellent value for what we received. Nearly everything is included: park fees, internal flights and rooms before and after the safari. We had a good feeling after contacting Thomson and checking online reviews. Gabriela was quick with responses and answers to every question we had. We are active people and were concerned that a safari would be too sedentary for us, so the Trekking Safari was recommended. We reached out to the guest references who had done the safari and were convinced it would be right for us.

Another Thomson strong point in the pre-trip phase is the checklist, with the frequently asked questions and essentials for packing. The safari journal is and was a tremendous assistance throughout the safari. Re-reading the journal back home we again relive the exciting adventure we just took.

At no time did we feel unsafe. We instantly loved our guide, Peta’s, sense of humor and easy going manner. He proved to be an excellent guide: patient, knowledgeable and quick witted. The Land Rover was comfortable, clean and afforded some great pictures.

All the Nyumbas were exceptionally nice. It was an adventure and what made them  so inviting was the en-suite toilet and shower. Arriving at each Nyumba we were greeted by hot hand towels and delicious fruit juice. We loved it.

On the trekking portion, the walk-in tent with cots was also very nice. My wife and I are used to mountaineering tents and we found these very comfortable. Add the shower and toilet and it eliminated the words “roughing it.” Both the Empakaai Crater and Lake Natron sites were perfect.

The crews at each site were warm and inviting. They worked hard and were appreciated. We especially liked the ability to have laundry done. At the end of a hike it is nice to have a shower and a glass of wine. The food at all locations was tremendous. We are foodies, and were amazed by what the chefs were able to do.

Our trekking portion was better than advertised. Thomson’s advertising does not do justice to these fantastic hikes. The 2 hour hike to the Empakaai Crater was good, the fauna was interesting and the flamingos and baboons were fun to watch. The 4 hour hike along the Rift Valley down to Lake Natron and the Maasai camp was truly a highlight and one hikers will want to do. The waterfall hike is 45 minutes one way, a beautiful one in a beautiful setting.

The Maasai are a friendly people and the Boma visit was very interesting. The Maasai were curious about us as we were about them. Many spoke better English than we could Swahili. The highlight for us was at Lake Natron. There we witnessed the killing of a goat, the cooking of that goat, then the dancing, and chanting of the Maasai. Yes, I took part in the dance and chanting much to the chagrin of my wife. To us it was real Africa-Tanzania.

It was a tremendous trip and my wife and I are thankful we chose Thomson.




Thomsonsafaris Safari Catalog 2017-2019