We fell in love with Tanzania and its people. Every crew person made an impact on our lives.

Ultimate Safari Review

Bob and Priscilla M.

Thomson's Ultimate Safari

It’s been 3 weeks since we returned from our wonderful and life changing safari with Thomson. Yes life changing. We both fell in love with Tanzania and its people. We still are going through our photos and enjoying the surge of memories that come with them. 

It was the people of Thomson Safaris that really made our trip special. Each camp has special memories for us. From Hussain J. and the crew from the Eastern Serengeti Camp, including Malloy; John and the crew from the Central Serengeti; Elisante and the crew from The Southern Serengeti (as well as Mcema and Rebecca- who were delightful); to all the staff at Gibbs Farm; and the wonderful Fratern and his crew, especially Goodluck; each and every crew person made an impact on our lives. 

We were so very blessed to have Leonard as our guide through this adventure, and now, as our friend. His knowledge base and his patience with our “hey Leonard” questions (and his great answers) made this trip so memorable for us. 

Goodluck was among one of our favorite people we met. He was so accommodating, as all were, and was truly interested in us. They talked about the Honey Badgers at the Tarangire Camp and how they would do anything to go after food. Of course, Bob wanted to see one! Goodluck said he would come get us if one showed up while we were in the lounge area or dinner area. On our last night, Goodluck came running to us and said “Mr. Bob, I have found a Genet, come see.” So of course, 4 of us followed Goodluck to an area just behind our dinner tent, and sure enough, a beautiful Genet was there! Bob says “I still want to see a Honey Badger.” About 15 minutes later “Mr. Bob; a Honey Badger, come!” Sure enough, exactly where the Genet had been, there was the Honey Badger! Bob was a happy camper.

These are the memories that stay with us. Your company gave us a great experience. We are already talking about coming back. This time we may not come alone. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this wonderful trip. Thank you all. 



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