We have done a lot of traveling over the years but this Safari took 1st place.

Thomson's Signature Safari Review

Vicky & Rich S.

Thomson's Ultimate Safari

We cannot express in words what a fabulous experience this was for the two of us!! For months before we left, friends and family were questioning us about why we were going, weren't we afraid of the animals, of disease etc., etc.  Richard's response was always, "This is on Vicky's bucket list and that is why we are doing this." Four days into the trip I asked Richard what he thought.  He did not answer "adequate" like he did on our 10th anniversary. He answered that this was a trip of a lifetime for him also and that no one could understand how great and indescribable this trip was unless they experienced it themselves!!

 The Eastern Serengeti Nyumba had great service and staff!  It was my favorite because we could walk the plains.  And the view from the tents fulfilled my imaginary pictures of Africa. 

We invested in good binoculars rather than a fancy camera so that we could be in the moment and enjoy the animals. Everyone who has seen our pictures cannot believe that we got as close to the animals as we did. Our friends are amazed. We have done a lot of traveling over the years, but this Safari took 1st place. Your company should be very proud of its employees in Watertown and Tanzania.  Our guides were the best and the staff at the camps made us feel like we were coming home every night. Thomson Safaris are second to none!



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