We remembered so many people and they remembered us.

Private Safari Review

Helen P.

Tanzania Family Safari

Helen watches the sunset over the Serengeti Plains on the Thomson Safari

A head guide must possess at least three important skills or elements of personality, not necessarily in any order of importance:  He must have management skills. There are things that can arise that are out of his control to prevent, like nails in the road to flatten tires, etc.  How he manages such events is what sets him apart. Leonard never lets problems land on his guests.  He works hard and long if that's what it takes to ensure that the impact falls on him, not us.  He does it with incredibly good humor.  The number of skills he possesses just amazes me.

He must also possess knowledge about the plants, animals and the terrain so that his guests can learn, not just observe.  No need to tell you that Leonard is well endowed in that department.

The last but not least is that good humor I referred to above.  Leonard is so much fun and has so much warmth and personality that I cannot imagine going with anyone else.  We all love Leonard and Justo.  We laughed every step of the way.

The private nature refuge is so different now than when we first visited.  It's like it's all grown up now, a permanent camp.  It is an undeniably beautiful place.  It gripped the imagination of our companions as it did ours again.

We remembered so many people & some of them remembered us as well.  At every camp, people were kind and generous with us.

This is Helen's second safari with Thomson. Her first trip with Thomson Safaris was in 2009.



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