Tanzania Wildlife Conservation

Protecting and preserving the habitat of the awe-inspiring wildlife of Tanzania is incredibly important to us. That’s why Thomson Safaris owners Rick Thomson and Judi Wineland have invested in a 12,000 acre private nature refuge in the Eastern Serengeti:

  • In just three years, wildlife populations in the area have more than doubled, including those of rare, endangered species, such as wild dog.
  • One of the last remaining pencil cedar forests in Tanzania has been protected
  • Communities in and around the area are benefiting from employment and educational opportunities provided by the refuge.
  • A conservation trust is being set up, with both global conservation leaders and local community elders serving as board members, in order to establish a self-sustaining conservation plan for the land

Our tours are likewise designed to minimally impact wildlife:

  • Drivers stick to the designated roads and trails, so as to preserve fragile habitats.
  • Travelers and staff never interfere in animals’ daily routines. We’re here to appreciate these fantastic creatures, not taunt or lure them.
  • We keep our guests informed via pre-trip materials. Safari guides also conduct daily briefings, so that travelers won’t inadvertently damage the landscape or animal habitats.



Thomsonsafaris Safari Catalog 2017-2019