Wonderful to see it all through the eyes of our family. We vow to return to this magic country!

Tanzania Family Safari Review

Eric F.

Tanzania Wildlife and Cultural Safari

Our safari was a mind-changing experience for the whole family. There was some trepidation in all of us. Fear of the unknown, strange foods and of course, wildlife. We did not know the languages, the customs, the people; but we rolled the dice and went. We're so glad we did!

Thomson Safaris was our choice after extensive research and countless online reviews.  It all boiled down to who would take care of us. This was crucial as we were traveling with our family. We made a great choice!

Thomson does it all; no contractors, all dedicated employees who make your trip simply marvelous. They really care about Tanzania and its people and that is simply special in a world that seems like it is all about the almighty dollar.

We had great accommodations: from fantastic lodges complete with a wood burning fireplace and a patio to enjoy a cocktail, to the Nyumba tents. Nyumbas are great inventions with the niceties of home.

On top of all that; we had great food. The food was gourmet literally in the wild. Everything was very delicious! The staff was very careful with food handling to keep us safe.

One of the most wonderful parts of this whole experience was to be able to see it all through the eyes of our family. We vow to return to this magic country.



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