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hyena at night
April 15, 2014

Things that go Bump in the Night: Tanzania’s Nocturnal Wildlife

Camera trap images from camp

We didn’t want our guests to miss out on this prime-time for wildlife viewing, so we recently set up night vision camera traps near a few of the nyumba camps. Motion-activated, these cameras offer us a…

April 10, 2014

The Chupacabra of Zanzibar: Popobawa Demons

The Swahili name “popobawa” translates to “batwing”  “Big-eared-townsend-fledermaus” by PD-USGov, exact author unknown – Licensed…

Ground Hornbill myths in Tanzania
April 8, 2014

Dark Wings….Myths Surrounding Ground Hornbills

Large and black, with eerie, raw-looking red skin around the eyes and throat sac, ground hornbills look a little like something out of a fairy tale…or a nightmare. Their appearance is even more unsettling…

Maasai jumping ceremony
April 3, 2014

Growing Up Up Up! The Maasai “Jumping Dance”

It’s a tourist favorite, and it’s been captured in endless pictures, videos, and documentaries; the adumu, often called the “jumping dance,” is a highly recognizable ritual of Maasai life. But many…

Hippo in Serengeti
April 1, 2014

Toothsome Tanzania: The Deadliest Bites on Safari

A predator’s bite may be the only chance it has to either defend itself or bring down prey. For these five creatures—which boast some of the strongest jaws not only in Africa, but in the entire animal…

Safari guide Mustapha Juma
March 27, 2014

Meet Your Guides: Mustapha Juma

We know that highly-skilled, friendly, attentive safari guides can make the difference between a good safari and an unforgettable one; that’s why we’re so honored to be able to work with so many amazing…

March 25, 2014

It’s All Greek to Me: The Interesting Origins of Animal Names

Believe it or not, since toddlerhood you, your children, and just about everyone you know, have been speaking Greek. Not fluently, of course; any child who’s gleefully turned through a picture book and…

March 20, 2014

Tanzania on Canvas: Tingatinga Painting

There are few souvenirs as evocative as a piece of traditional artwork, and for travelers to Tanzania, there’s one widespread form souvenir-hunters are sure to see: Tingatinga painting. The pictures’…

what is the purpose of lion manes
March 18, 2014

The Mane Event: The Purpose of Lion Manes

Male lions start to grow manes around the age of two years, which signals the onset of sexual maturity. For young male lions, it’s a mixed blessing, though; the appearance of a mane is the pride’s cue to…

March 13, 2014

Tanzanite: Tanzania’s Eponymous Gem

There’s no “best” way to remember a trip to Tanzania, but there is a sparkliest: tanzanite, a beautiful blue-violet gemstone named after the country where it was first discovered in 1967.

crocodile teeth
March 11, 2014

Predators from Prehistory: Crocodiles

The consummate survivors

Crocodiles have been around in some form or another for over 220 million years, meaning they’ve managed to survive two mass extinction events (including the one that wiped out the last of the dinosaurs), as…

Mohamed Mbaruku
March 6, 2014

Meet Your Guides: Mohamed Mbaruku

After every safari, we hear from guests that their guide was amazing, and that he “must be the best” guide we employ. At this point, we’ve heard this about every single guide running our trips in…

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