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maasai giraffe in tanzania
March 4, 2014

X Marks the Spots…Sometimes: Giraffe Markings

Maybe a leopard can’t change its spots, but a giraffe can. Well, sort of. When we refer to giraffes, we’re actually referring to any of nine giraffe sub-species: Nubian, reticulated, Angolan, Kordofan,…

Sukuma Dance Tanzania
February 27, 2014

Dance Battle: Sukuma Dance Societies

Dancing has always been integral to Sukuma life, and many of the dances still being performed today started as a way to add a little interest to the workday; migrant farmworkers would compose and sing songs to…

pregnant lioness
February 25, 2014

Hide-and-Go-Birth: The Sneaky Pregnancy of a Lioness

And the subsequent challenge of keeping her cubs alive

Lions are notoriously secretive, if not about their pregnancies, than at least about giving birth. Once a female lion realizes she’s going into labor, she’ll sneak away from the pride and hide herself in a…

bongo flava
February 20, 2014

Bongo Flava: The Rhythm of Tanzania

Any country with as rich and diverse a mix of cultures as Tanzania’s is bound to have some unique styles of music. But recently, this blended cultural landscape has produced a style of music the whole country…

Vervet Monkeys
February 18, 2014

Neurotics in the Bush: Vervet Monkeys

It’s common to talk about how much we share with primate species; we’re evolutionary cousins, and humans share fully 98% of their genome with chimps, our closest animal relatives. But in several important…

Tanzania safari guide Kumbi
February 13, 2014

Meet Your Guides: Kumbi Salim

We know that highly-skilled, friendly, attentive safari guides can make the difference between a good safari and an unforgettable one; that’s why we’re so honored to be able to work with so many amazing…

Lions Big Five Africa
February 11, 2014

How The Big Five Made The Cut

We tell all our guests to keep an eye out for the “big five” species—lion, rhinoceros, leopard, cape buffalo, and elephant—because they’re all incredible animals to see on safari. But originally,…

Tanzania Flag
February 6, 2014

Tanzania’s Flags

History on the Breeze

One interesting way to track a country’s changing face is through its changing flags; each successive government’s stamp can be seen in these historical relics, every one a symbol of its era.

Great Migration river crossing
February 4, 2014

Spin-Cycle: The Great Migration

There’s more to this cycle than most travelers know; the continuous movement of millions of grazers through the plains of the Serengeti is driven by a multitude of factors, any one of which can stall (or…

Cape Buffalo
January 28, 2014

The Deadliest Mustache in the WORLD: Cape Buffalos

There’s one indisputable mark of a true supervillain. No, it’s not a constant feline companion, or even a plot to take over the world… …it’s a well-groomed, preferably curled, mustache. That…

Thomson Safaris guide Hashim
January 23, 2014

Meet Your Guides: Hashim Kindu

We know that highly-skilled, friendly, attentive guides can make the difference between a good safari and an unforgettable one; that’s why we’re so honored to be able to work with so many amazing…

Sable antelope
January 21, 2014

Can’t Take My Eyes off of You: The Tragic Lives, and Loves, of Sable Antelopes

Male sable antelopes maintain an awkward, flexed-neck posture even when galloping. It makes them appear more physically imposing, subtly asserting their right to rule. “Sable bull” by Paulmaz at…

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